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Palio di Siena, Folla

After two years, Siena is ready to celebrate the Palio race

The exit from the pandemic is bringing closer the time to return to the Piazza del Campo to run both the Palio on July 2 and August 16, 2022. It has been two years since the medieval event hasn’t been organized and the desire to start again is so strong in the city.

The organization of the Palio is complex, very complex. The characteristics of the ring track, with its ups and downs and two sharp turns, want specific training for the horses. At tracks scattered throughout the Sienese territory, horse owners and jockeys prepare for the two events with great commitment.

Do you want to know more about the Palio race? We already answered the most asked questions: check it out!

Palio di Siena 2022, which Contrada will race on July 2?

The course for the July 2 Palio, also known as Provenzano, will begin on May 29 in Piazza del Campo. In front of the Palazzo Comunale, the traditional drawing will take place. The three contrade that will join the seven that did not run in July 2019 will be chosen.

This year, however, six contrade will be drawn because Nicchio, Oca, and Tartuca received a disqualification. As for now, the contrade that will run on July 2 are Valdimontone, Istrice, Leocorno and Lupa. Then the last six in the group that includes Onda, Torre, Chiocciola, Civetta, Drago, Selva, Pantera, Aquila, Bruco and Giraffa will be chosen.

Palio di Siena 2022, who will paint the Drappelloni

On March 25, the City of Siena gave the task of painting the two 2022 Palios to the same artists commissioned for the year 2020, who then did not produce the works (called “Drappelloni”) because of the Italian government-imposed stop on all public events due to Covid-19.

Emma Sergeant for July and Andrea Anastasio for August will be the painters. A few days before each race there will be the public presentation of the respective Palio, an event that generates much curiosity and superstition among the contradaioli. But that is another story.

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