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Along the Francigena, charming Ultra Marathon

(di Eduardo Lubrano). Siena, Acquapendente, Monteroni d’Arbia, Buonconvento, Montalcino, San Quirico d’Orcia, Castiglione d’Orcia, Radicofani, San Casciano dei Bagni, Abbadia San Salvatore and Proceno: ten of the most beautiful and fascinating towns in Tuscany to cross on foot in two days. Or even one if you want to do half the journey.

Because what the Senese Trekking Group is proposing on 9 and 10 October in collaboration with the municipal administrations of Acquapendente and Siena is a real journey along the Via Francigena, the ancient road which, from the Middle Ages onwards, linked Canterbury to Rome and then to S.Maria di Leuca, from where the pilgrims left for the Crusades to the Holy Land. It’s called Francigena Ultra Marathon and it’s done at Nordic Walking and Trekking pace: the first italiana ultra marathon to walk.

There are two possible routes, 65 or 120 km, structured in stages of several kilometres each, with the possibility of walking at night, with non stops, except those necessary for refreshment and eating. For example if you wish, you can choose the shorter itinerary, 20 km from Buonconvento to San Quirico.

The planned routes (which can be combined as indicated in the regulations (https://my.akuto.it/ultramarathon/regolamento) are:

Siena Buonconvento called 35 km (SB)
Buonconvento San Quirico called 20 km (BSQ)
San Quirico Acquapendente known as 65 km (SQA)
Abbadia San Salvatore Acquapendente called 35 km (ASA)
Siena Acquapendente called 120 km (SA)

And all are non-competitive. And everything is approved and insured by the Unione Italiana Sport per tutti (UISP).

This is a special way of travelling through Tuscany, following the roads of the ancient pilgrims, or of Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of the 10th century AD, to whom we owe the first official drafting of the Via Francigena and therefore also of the part of the route in question.