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Englishmen in Tuscany: Arniano a charming story of Camilla, Amber and Claudia Guinness

Robyn Lea for “House and Garden” tell a charming story between England and Tuscany. Jasper and Camilla Guinness met in Florence, and after marrying in 1985 they based themselves in Chianti before purchasing Arniano, a run-down farmhouse near Montalcino. Their life is brightened by the birth of two daughters, Amber and Claudia.

And from the restoration work of the villa to the rhythms of a unique lifestyle, as Amber recalls:‘Growing up in Italy was slow-paced . . . we would be taken on four-hour lunches. It does mean that it is hard to get anything done, but as a child it was so nice because I got to spend so much time with my parents and friends – it was so much more relaxed.”

If you want to find out how today Amber Guinness has created the Arniano Painting School, where guests have produced hundreds of works that immortalize the Arniano’s magic, the results of which are displayed in the homes of their creators all over the world, as colorful references to living well, this is the link


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