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In Gaiole in Chianti and Siena great expectations for the Eroica 2021

The well-established and prestigious event that takes place mainly on unpaved roads, strictly on bicycles built before 1987, almost always wearing wool sweaters, returns after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to a pandemic.

Born in 1997, The Eroica presents, in this edition, the great novelty of the passage in Piazza del Campo, in the old town of Siena on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October. Something similar to the Strade Bianche cyclist ride.

Wednesday 29 September 3-7pm, Thursday 30 September from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm, and Friday 1 October from 9am to 8pm, at the ex Cantine Ricasoli delivery of technical bags; Agricultural Consortium delivers Ciclofficina Eroica race packs

– Friday 1 October: Auditorium Ex Cantine Ricasoli 11 am, – “L’Eroica, the birthplace of cycling in every age” “The Hymn of Mameli”, the words and music explained by Luciano Cascioli and Marina Castagnari. For L’Eroica 2021, program and news in times of pandemic, L’Eroica meets the Molteni Foundation, L’Eroica, and the “Accademia Eroica” Club Italia – L’Eroica model for the training of sports professions Eroica Project: Adopt 1 KM – Terra Eroica.
3.00 pm – Award Ceremony of the Beard & Mustache Competition
4.00 pm – Award ceremony of the Concorso d’Eleganza in collaboration with Vintage Bicycles
5.00 pm – Presentation of books: “In praise of the gregarious, by Marco Pastonesi (Battaglia Edizioni); 24 Bike Stories by Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio (Il Sole 24 Ore): Bikeconomy – a journey into the world that pedal by Gianluca Santilli and Pierangelo Soldavini (Egea); L’Eroica, the 100 wonders (+1) by Giancarlo Brocci (Typimedia Publisher). Moderated by Pier Augusto Stagi, director of Tuttobici.
Also on Friday 1 October, ride with the Eroica Cycle Club and “bread and salami” snack in the hills around Gaiole with a meeting point and departure at 3 pm from Piazza Ricasoli. After 5 pm I arrive in the parade of the Verrazzano Amateurs, traveling from Florence to Gaiole with bicycles. Greetings to L’Eroica.

– Saturday 2 October: From 4 to 20 at the former Cantine Ricasoli delivery of technical bags; Agricultural Consortium delivers tender packaged heroic Cycle Workshop.
Departures from L’Eroica: 4.30-5 hours long route of 209 km reserved for bicycles prior to the 1930s; 6-7 am departure of the medium route Crete Senesi135 km with arrivals scheduled from 11.30 am to 8 pm.

– Sunday 3 October
From 6 to 10 at the former Cantine Ricasoli delivery of technical bags; Agricultural Consortium delivers tender packages; 6 am – 6 pm Heroic Cycle Workshop7-7.30 am departure from Cento Val d’Arbia of 106 km; 8-9.30 am medium start of the Black Rooster of 81 km and the short Valle del Chianti Eroica of 46 km. Arrivals are scheduled from 10 to 18. As you can see, a very rich and intense program of events, so good rides to everyone and thousands will be present in the Sienese area over the weekend.

Photo by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay