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Interview with Matteo Giotti, managing director of PLA

The “Distretto del Camper in Toscana” gathers all the most important companies in Valdelsa, between Florence and Siena. Tuscany isn’t just a destination for motohomes, but also an excellence on their production.

Matteo Giotti is managing director of PLA, the only brand with a complete entry level catalogue in motorhomes.

During your professional development, how much the environment around you, as your family and culture, passed through the tradition?

“I’ve always been free to decide about my professional future and not only, and I always had clear ideas on which was my professional vocation already since the middle school. Having this opportunity, surely helped me to grow up and of course made me more responsable as a professionist.”

Which value of the tuscan culture do you think to bring most in your works?

The Tuscan culture, his views, and our dynamism help you a lot every day to reach your goals. In our daily works our artisans express all the background which come from our tradition, something that actually It’s not possible to learn at school. We have the luck to be able to live in a region which I consider one of the most beautiful in the world and we have to give it value and put it in our products that everyone envies.