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Magliano in Tuscany, a pearl in the Maremma

Magliano is an Italian comune located in the Province of Grosseto in the Tuscany region. It has around 3,500 inhabitants and its origins date back to the Etruscan age. It is a territory characterized by numerous settlements of that age, including the sites of Pereta and Montiano and the monastery of San Bruzio. Let’s discover more about this beautiful place!

Magliano | Luigi Scalabrino, via YouTube

Magliano, a pearl in the Maremma, Tuscany: travel guide

Our tour of the walls of Magliano begins at Porta San Giovanni, the southern gate, which, according to most studies, dates from before the Sienese domination between 200 and 500. Because Magliano In Toscana is in the province of Grossetto, the Maremma. 

Once through the gate, you will find Corso Garibaldi leading to the 13th-century Palazzo di Checco il Bello (right side of the Corso), with its Gothic façade and family emblems. Beyond Checco il Bello’s palace, on the right, we find the parish church of San Giovanni Battista (in Piazza della Repubblica), which dates back to Roman times but has clear traces of renovations over the centuries; in fact, the windows on the side have Gothic forms while the façade is Renaissance.

Inside we find frescoes of the Sienese school and a baptismal font dating from 1439. It was the ancient residence of the Monaldeschi family of Orvieto and the Aldobrandeschi counts also stayed here. In the early twentieth century, a certain Francesco Salvi lived there, nicknamed Checco il Bello, both for his aesthetic qualities and for his fame as Casanova, hence the name by which the building is known today.

If you want to get to know all the podestà who succeeded one another at the helm of this town, you need only go to the Palazzo dei Priori, situated between Corso Garibaldi and Piazza della Libertà, on the façade of which you will find all the coats of arms of the aforementioned podestà.

A few meters further on is Porta San Martino, with its splendid view of the countryside. At this point we return to the Pieve di San Giovanni Battista and take the downhill slope topped by the bell tower, arriving at the walkway on the walls, which are among the best-preserved in all of Tuscany.

The very first walls of Magliano date back to around the year 1000. Today we can observe two different architectures: three square towers date back to the 14th century, while the other circular towers are the result of the Sienese renovation in the mid-15th century. Finally, it must be said that all the walls were meticulously restored in 1999. You can retrace a good stretch of the patrol walkway, cross some towers and enjoy a breathtaking view that reaches as far as the sea.

If you want to take a look at some photos, you can connect to the comune’s official website.

Author: Eudardo Lubrano.