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Peoples. Tradition and innovation in the Siria’s painting techniques

Peoples. A unique “catwalk” dedicated to people, more or less famous, who bring with them during their daily works an important sign of their “tuscan being”. Today we talk with Siria Mazzetti.

During your professional development, how much the environment around you, as your family and culture, passed through the tradition?

“I am lucky to be born in Tuscany, which with his history have fill the world with his beauty. My eyes are used to recognize and enjoy wonderful things since ever, from the landscapes to the medieval village, the beatiful sculptural and architectural works around our cities.
I studied at the art institute in Siena where, riproducing 200’ painted, I learned the gilding, a technique that I still use in a modern way. Then I traveled a lot and from India I bring back the art of batik, a characteristic technique to paint cloth. From other travels, I bring back various materials that I then mix with colors, clay, gypsum or everything that give me the possibilty to “get my hands dirty”. I also had a period where I dedicated a lot to the ceramic, creating my works in Pacina, a little village close to Chianti.
To shape from zero that forms and then cooked in order to give consistent was a unique satisfaction.
I talk about forms as my works are abstract, so there are different explanations.
I still have that kind of feelings in shaping when in my paintings I mix every technique and materials that I met in my life”.

Which value of the tuscan culture do you think to bring most in your works?

“I live in a splendid nature, a place of meticulous artisans who, during the time and with their manual skills, have been capable to transform materials in artworks handing down their technique. Painting is for me a way to give vent to my manual skills as other artists did before me.
I look around and I interpret in a modern key the pictorial techniques of giant artists of the past, like the gilding.
I have fun to bring tradition and innovation in my works, never being tired of experiment mixing styles and techniques.
Despite I can use cloth from Nepal or recycled materials, it is usually find cypress and forms which remember the sweet tuscan hills in my works.”