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quality of life

Quality of Life in Tuscany, Italy

The yearly edition of the research by ‘Italia Oggi‘ and ‘Sapienza University of Rome’ about quality of life in Italy has been recently posted.
According to the research, the North got a big push-up comparing the last editions. Parma is at the top of the “quality of life” ranking after going up 39 positions compared with the 2020 edition.

Quality of Life in Tuscany

What’s about Tuscany? Florence got 6th place in the overall ranking after the 31st position in 2020. Then there is Siena, at 12th position (#13 last year); Pisa at 25th position (#36 in 2020); Grosseto at 31th position (#58 in 2020); Arezzo 33th (#48 in 2020); Lucca 45th (#67 in 2020); Massa-Carrara 51th (#62 in 2020).

As you can see, most of the cities in north Italy ranked better than the year before. The reason is simple. Covid-19, unfortunately, became fastly part of our life, and so it was a key that had to be considered for the new ranking.

“The reason why of these big changes is double. The metropolis showed to be better in terms of fighting and treating the Covid-19”, ItaliaOggi co-director Marino Longoni explained. “As they were penalized in the 2020th edition because of the emergency, in 2021 they showed to be able to resume with more speed. They also showed a more accentuated resilience compared to other smaller cities. On the other hand, the second reason is that we resized the population index, which had more impact in the other editions”.

Is Tuscany a Good Place to Live?

Tuscany is a good and safe place for both travelers and locals. According to the ItaliaOggi research, Arezzo is the safest city in Tuscany at position #29. Siena is listed as the 39th safest city in Italy. Pistoia and Lucca are respectively #60 and #61. As the last year, Siena has been confirmed at the first position for “tourism and free time”. In the same category, Grosseto ranked fifth, just behind Rimini, Aosta, and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. Siena also ranked third for its health system, only after Cagliari and Ancona.

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