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St. Catherine of Siena, where to see her only potrait

St. Catherine of Siena, where to see her only potrait

In the fourteenth century, the photography didn’t exist, and only throught a potrair it was possible to hand down the image of an important person of that period.

St. Catherine of Siena was on of them. She travelled all around Europe to bring hers ideas of renovation of the catholic church. She went in Avignone to take Papa Gregorio XI, trying to pushing him to re-moved the Church’s “headquarter” in Rome. So, as she has been so important in the history, we all expect that there are a lot of potrait of her.

Absolutely not. Infact, it just exist a single potrait of St. Catherine of Siena. Not in Rome, where she died, and not in Avignone. Not even in Pisa, where the St.Cristina received her stigmas. It is in Siena.

To find it you have to go about an hundred of meters higher, in the Basilica di San Domenico. An ancient, big church with a structur like an egyptian cross, partially rebuilt in the fourteenth century, which is still the same despite two big fires and two military occupations. So to see the true St. Catherine of Siena, you have then to look at high up. In the ‘Cappella delle Volte’, at the point where the Saint is kneeling down to pray, near to the octagonal column.