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Rachael Ray

The food star Rachael Ray purchased home in Tuscany

In this August Rachael Ray has officially achieved what she describes as her “life’s goal” — purchasing a home in Tuscany, Italy!

In Tuscany, the air smells different from any other place on earth I’ve visited. It’s sweet and filled with the scent of agricultural wonder,” Ray writes. “The olive trees, vineyards, fecund gardens, incredible landscapes and views…it overwhelms you and it’s what I’ve missed the most — the air! The first time I went, 20 years ago, I felt it as soon as I touched the ground.

The Food Network american star, with hit daytime television show “Rachael Ray,” her popular lifestyle magazine “Rachael Ray in Season,” or her slew of bestselling cookbooks has earned herself a shining bright spotlight in the cutthroat world of cooking shows and celebrity chefs. The full interview is on People.

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